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i am new to this game/series and i am wondering what it the best way to start out.what class should i be?hat should my stats should be?my skills?perks?etc.what should i do with katerina?

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Mighty Snakefist (is insane and) thinks Hunter class is most suitable for beginners - namely, it was originally only class, and gives a lot of opportunities for customization - there is a respec option, so it's rather easy to switch from/to caster, ranged or melee. Combinations are also available (and viable).


As for Katarina, she has 3 main forms - melee, ranged and ghost (this one gives +10% dmg to Van Helsing, but Katarina doesn't fight herself - this option is best used with skill-tree which gives boosts to main character). In general, she can tank for low-HP main character (ranged/caster) or do damage for tanking char. 


There are also 4 options for her behavious (assist, defend, survive and one other - can't remember now). Anyhow, if she starts dying (high difficulty or low HP derived from items or body attribute, she should first be switched to 'survive' and if this continue, to 'ghost).


Anyhow, there are many opportunities to experiment and derive own build, this should get you started - but finding things for yourself is great fun!


Best of luck,


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