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Final Cut Changelog - V1.0.7 - March 17 - New Global Event

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Final Cut Changelog - v1.0.7 - March 17 - New Global Event
Updates to The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. 

New Global Event: Lycantrope Hunt
Vrikolaks are fierce man-beasts with strong territorial instincts. The rapid industrialization of modern Borgovia led to the deforestation of the Thunderhead Mountains and the shapeshifter tribes lost their hunting grounds. They have also been forced into a constant battle for survival. The Vrikolaks are, understandably, furious. They don't care that Professor Fulmigati is gone, they are busy unleashing their mindless rage on the population of the metropolis. The Vrikolak attacks reached the level where they've left no other choice: they must be hunted down until they learn the lesson. 
  • Scenarios now spawn Vrikolaks of various strength among regular monsters 
  • Hunt down a thousand Vrikolaks to get to their leader 
  • Fight the Scarred Beast-King for epic rewards 
  • After every 1000 kill, a new Vrikolak leader will arrive 
  • Conquer the leaderboard by slaughtering as many Vrikolaks as you can!

General Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the game does not start from Steam on some accounts. 
  • The Arcane Forge no longer deletes epics when used at full inventory. 
  • Fixed the Polish localization of the game where dialog lines were skipping a line. 
  • Fixed Saffi's Transmute skill that sometimes deducted money from players without doing anything.
  • The Gnome Beard Grease secret now counts properly. 
  • Fragment of Koschei's Death now drops properly. 
  • Hell Kitchen book now drops properly. 
  • Fixed a bug where the game displayed incorrect skill values for Resistance Captains. 
  • Fixed the quest counter for the Ink Hunt quests. 
  • Saffi now rewards players with her ring properly when they complete the quest. 
  • The Octopod Annihilator now properly spawns at the end of the Viaduct Junction siege.
  • Fixed the Devastator Perk. 
  • Fixed the animation of the Whirlwind spell that was bugged when players used Ghastly Shape.
  • Fixed the damage of the Vorpal Dagger. 
  • Fixed the damage of the Twilight Dagger. 
  • Players are now unable to improve Godlike items above the 10th upgrade level. 
  • The Eldritch Protector Shield now has a new icon that resembles the shield model. 
  • Fixed the bonus +%Defense enchant on the Honoriad Helmet. 
  • Fixed the set bonuses of the Apocryphus Mechanicus Pack. 
  • Fixed the set bonuses of the Runic Spirit Ring.
  • Clients can now access to the Chimera properly. 
  • Endgame chests will now only reward the player who opened them. 
  • Added additional protection to the IP location service that will help players in connecting to their friends.
  • Totems in adventure mode can now be properly destroyed. 
  • Fixed an issue where players did not receive their rewards after completing a scenario in co-op. 
  • The "Survive 50 waves in the arena" challenge now works properly.


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