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Van Helsing Final Cut Changelog - V1.0.4 - November 24

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Van Helsing Final Cut Changelog - V1.0.4 - November 24

Updates to Van Helsing: Final Cut have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. 

Game Fixes
  • The Network Error reconnect message had a missing string, which is now fixed. 
  • Fixed numerous missing strings in the Polish Localization. 
  • Fixed an issue where the game did not start with an 0xc000007b error after the last redist update. 
  • The highlights on the Chimera UI now properly indicate what mission is the Chimera doing at the time.
  • Mistress of Keys - the window is now properly dismissed in the Lair. 
  • Fixed spawn issues with several Tower Defense quests, such as the 7th one, Undead Horde. 
  • Fixed an issue where players could not find the Engineer during Protect the Lair. 
  • Added a chat command: "/FixQuest 3" (to be entered into the in-game chat without quotation marks) for those players who got stuck with the Dark Ritual Quest. 
  • Fixed an issue that DX11 players had with Tower Defense maps.
  • Fixed the tooltip of Spool of Energy, it now indicates spell placement correctly. 
  • Bounty Hunter passive "Invigorating Hit" now works properly in Multiplayer. 
  • Buffs and auras that require the player to stand still now work properly. (Previously they worked during moving) 
  • Fixed the Corrupted Alchemy affix on bosses, it no longer has an 8-sec cooldown. 
  • The damage calculation for Flame Serpent is now fixed. 
  • The damage calculation for Lightning is now fixed.
  • Fixed 60+ set/epic items, which will now be stronger and more powerful compared to rare items. 
  • Vitae Pendant can no longer drop randomly. 
  • Arkady the Fence was supposed to handle Godlike forging but he left his tools in his other pants... He will provide this crucial service in Adventure Mode in the Secret Lair from now on. And yes, you will need to spend Fate Points to upgrade Godlike items which will unlock new enchants. 
  • Fixed the gold value of several items. 
  • Any character will be able to receive Set and Godlike items from the next patch, with the usual level 100 requirement, so your keys won't go to waste with a lower level character. Epics, Rares, etc. will still scale to your character when you find them though! 
  • The Chests now provide the proper loot in Adventure mode at all times.
  • The Pigasus UI buttons are now fixed on the client side. 
  • The Cancel button in the connect window now works properly. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Poison Blast skill that caused delay in co-op mode.
  • Good Catch is now fixed and works properly.
Adventure Mode
  • The "Adventure Completed" message will now always be displayed correctly. 
  • The game no longer crashes when a challenge is completed and the challenge window is opened. 
  • Challenge progress is now saved properly. 
  • Daily quests are now properly removed after finishing them.
  • Modified values for lightning damage. 
  • Reduced values for essence damage bonuses. 
  • The Umbralist can no longer score insane one-shot damage values from 10 shadow marks, the damage caused by Deadly Marks can no longer crit. 
  • Fixed the damage value of several ranged weapons. 
  • The Elementalist can no longer be constantly invulnerable as the cooldown timer now starts at the end of the Painlessness buff. 
  • Fixed the stacking effect bug at the end of Escort missions.


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