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Deathtrap Changelog - V1.0.4

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For those who already published some User Generated Maps:

It's advised to publish your UGC map
s again, some bug fixes will be applied only in this case.




  • An instant Lvl 100 exploit has been fixed.
  • From now on all players will receive XP in Co-Op, because the map level will be set to the players' average level.
  • Fast forward achievement can now be unlocked even if you speed up the game by keyboard.
  • New characters will no longer receive lvl 30 gear at start.
  • After reaching level 100, it could occur that XP was counted backwards, this has been fixed.
  • Some teleport pads have been fixed .
  • Godlike Items' tooltips have been fixed.
  • Stash related issues have been fixed.
  • Protector Spirits will now die if the summoner is killed in the distance.
  • Trap costs can't be lower than 10% of the original amount.
  • There was a misplaced mystical trap slot in Scenario XI, it has been fixed.
  • AN unusable trap has been removed from Tier 3 Abandoned Laboratories.


Skills & Traps:


  • Dirigblusa is now easier to hit and also receives constant damage from Desintegrating Ray.
  • Service Station essence cost is now displayed correctly in the tooltip.
  • Spectral serpent increased enemy's resistance instead of vulnerability, this is now fixed.
  • Chain Snare will now damage Giant and Boss enemies, but won't pull them towards the caster.
  • Archer Post work method (aggro range and spell cast range) have been modified.




  • Maps' configurations for co-op maps have been checked and the correct one is now applied.
  • Tick Mine's mine will be displayed on client side aswell.

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