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Frequently Asked Questions About The Game And About The Pre-Order

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  • FAQ - Answers for most general questions about the Pre-Order

  • About the Game - If you are a new hunter in the resistance!

  • Game Help - Mysterious issues preventing you from playing the game? Look no further!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:Do I get beta access if I pre-order the game from Steam?
A:  No. You only get the beta access if you pre-order from our store.
Q:: Why is there more stuff awarded to those who pre-order from your store page?
A:  The packages that you can buy from our store page are supporter packages - hence the increased prices and the lack of discounts. These are for those guys and gals who want to support us by a greater deal. The least we can offer to them is beta access and a special achievement. However, by choosing from the various supporter pack, you can obtain:

  • Beta key on Steam

  • Expurgator item set

  • Occult Bargains Perk (Gives you a discount for enchantment prices)

  • Magic Helmet Skin for each class

  • Supporter Steam Achievement

  • Che Domovoy rare minipet (Magic item find bonus, Gold find bonus), a friendly monster that you can't get rid of

  • Rare Helmet Skin for each class

  • Goofzilla epic minipet (+3% critical hit chance, Combat is even more bloody), a friendly monster that you can't get rid of

  • Epic Helmet Skin for each class

  • Every future DLC for Van Helsing II

  • Limited edition Van Helsing mousepad

  • THAT Rabbit legendary minipet (+5% damage), a friendly monster that you can't get rid of

  • Legendary Helmet Skin for each class

  • Your name shows up in the Credits

  • Collector’s Edition: Boxed version of the final game, Borgovia map (poster), Autographed

  • Art, Limited Van Helsing mousepad

  • Your name and face will be ingame as a member of the Borgovian Resistance!

Q: Who gets the Expurgator Set?
A:  Those who have pre-ordered the game either from Steam or from our store.
About the Game
Q: What is The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II about?
A:  The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II is a real-time Action RPG created by NeocoreGames as a sequel for the successful Van Helsing I. The game is set in Borgovia, a dark kingdom where you can meet mythical monsters and scientific creatures. You play as the young Van Helsing, son of the world-famous monster hunter. His follower, Lady Katarina, is the ghost of a witty and beautiful damsel, who is a great help for our hero and also his biggest critic at the same time.
Q: What are the improvements from Van Helsing I to Van Helsing II ?
A:  There are countless new features in Van Helsing II. In a nutshell, these are the most important ones:
  • -Runecrafting: You can dismantle magic items into runes and create powerful artifacts or enhance your current items with magic stats.

  •  Resistance management: You can command three captains of the Resistance, assign troops to them and send them out on missions where they gain experience, loot and relics.

  •  Chimera: You can acquire a beastly defender in the Secret Lair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1bFOR8QWv8

  •  Tons of unique models implemented

  •  New weapons: Staves, Axes, Crossbows.

  •  All three classes included

  •  Dynamic weather and environment

  •  Trophy system: You can put the trophies of your slain adversaries on the Trophy desk for unique bonuses.

  •  Improved journal containing lots of lore, information and guides with unique artworks for each entry

- Improved UI with more skill slots and better usability
Q: Can I continue playing Van Helsing II with my old characters from the first Van Helsing game?
A: Yes, you can.
Q:When will Van Helsing II will be released?
A:  May 22, 2014.
Q:What sets the Van Helsing franchise apart from other ARPGs?
A:  There are many new ideas in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, for example:
The setting and the world are very special: the land of Borgovia is like it's taken from a gothic-noir tale with dark, scary, imposing buildings and various locations resembling a 19th century European city, with vampires, werewolves and scientific creatures. 
We put more emphasis on the story and the characters. The sarcastic, wry humor is an important feature in the game, just like the snappy dialogues between Van Helsing and his pretty follower, Lady Katarina. They both have strong characteristics, which affect all their actions and decisions. 
You can tailor your skills on the spot with the game's unique PowerUp System: all active skills have 3 modifiers, called PowerUps. They are activated (charged) from Rage points that you gain as you kill your enemies, then you can boost your active skills in many different ways by combining these PowerUps. 
You have the freedom to customize your character through a very detailed level up system. You can pick skills, spells, tricks and auras from three unique skilltrees. Additionally you can choose passive bonuses from the Perks as you gain reputation. 
Tactics are also important because of the diversity of the enemies and their special abilities. Some of them have strong armour or different types of elemental resistance, others are small but fast and they attack our young hero in hordes. 
If you like exploring secret places and diving deep into the story beyond the main quest line, you will find plenty of hidden content, like special enemies, secret levels, unique equipment and several sidequests. These will grant you an even more exciting gameplay experience and additional gaming hours.
Q: Does Van Helsing have a follower?
A:  Van Helsing has a follower from the beginning, the ghost of the noble Lady Katarina, who is smart, beautiful and very critical. She is a great fighter and has her own inventory. You can equip her with swords or pistols, two rings, a chest armour and an amulet. You can send her away to sell items you no longer need or to do the shopping for you. You can tell her what types of loot she should collect from the battlefield and it's also possible to set a value limit, so she will ignore any items that are cheaper. She can follow several tactics based on your settings and learn new skills and strengthen her abilities as she levels up.
Q:What is the maximum level to achieve in Van Helsing?
A:  The max level is 60. After that, you can collect Glory points to earn Glory levels.
Q:Does the game have a monster respawn system?
A:  Yes, players can enable or disable this feature in the Options menu. When it is enabled, monsters will respawn after each gaming session.
Q:Does the game support controller gameplay?
A:  Yes, the game will have full controller support at release, designed for Xbox controllers.

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